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Application Notes

This section contains several application notes designed to show the user how to use some of the features of this application. As of the current release the following topics are available



Extended Response Sound Cards

Resistance Measurement

Complex Impedance Measurement

Loudspeaker Thiele/Small Parameter Extraction

High Frequency Driver Far Field Response Measurements

Two Driver Sealed Box Acoustical Measurement Techniques

dBA to Sones Conversion

What We Do

Sonic beacon produces electrical and acoustical data acquisition and analysis software for the Windows operating system.


About Us

Sonic beacon is a Canadian organization that provides a free set of virtual instruments that are useful for measuring the time and frequency domain responses of audio components using a personal computer. It is located in Pakenham Ontario which is near Ottawa, Canada.

News and Events

March 23, 2014: 32 and 64 Bit Versions of sonic beacon ( released. Tested on Microsoft Windows 8 (64 Bit), Microsoft Window 7 Home Premium (64 Bit) and Windows XP 32 Bit Professional.

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